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Driving Property Further...


Driving Property Further...

Driving property further is the trademark slogan of CIPS Ltd ( and subsidairy sites.

Here at CIPS Ltd ( we are strong believers that a company or business is nothing without its customers. Any business that does not prioritise the ultimate requirements of its clients (in this case, property exposure) is, in our eyes, failing to achieve the fundamental rules of business.

Looking after your investment
When it comes to renting out a holiday property, we understand that you too may also be running a business. This ultimately relies on gaining as much exposure for the property as possible, to gain maximum return on your investment.
We're also aware that when it comes to advertising your property, there are many options and companies to choose from and choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

Property Exposure
Receiving maximum exposure for your property can be done in a variety of ways, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The obvious choice is the internet! - Although this is a good place to start and should never be omitted from your advertising strategy, it shouldn't be relied upon solely.
Contrary to popular belief the internet is still in its infancy, especially when it comes to information on goods and services or more importantly - buying them!
Did you know only 65% of households in the UK in 2008 have Internet access? - That's 35% who don't know about your property for starters and that's just in the UK!
Even though millions upon millions of people use the internet on a daily basis, the majority use it for email and communication.

Here are some simple statistics for the UK - July 2008 from a government statistics website:

Internet usage by population and age UK.

Age:   16-24 25-34   35-44  45-54  55 +  All
 Email  31%  29%  31%  36%   47%  34%
 Info on Goods & Services  12%  18%   29%   30%   22%  22%
 General browsing  17%  23%  16%  18%  15%  18%
 Educational  19%  6%  7%  5%  3%  8%
 Banking/Finance  1%  7%  3%  2%  5%  4%
 Chat rooms  9%  2%  2-%      3%
 Job Hunting  5%  4%  2%  1%    3%
 Buying Goods & Services 1%   3%  4%  2%  3%  2%

As the above table shows (from the white highlighted areas), searching for information on-line for goods & services still hasn't reached a quarter of the UK population, with the average being just 22%, leaving three quarters of the Internet population out, if advertising on the internet alone.
Buying Goods and Services on the internet sees a substantial drop in figures (average 2%) as general consumer confidence in on-line purchases is still very low. Similar statistics may also be found for other European countries too.

False Promises
At CIPS Ltd we don't like to make false promises or statements. We don't believe in convincing people to advertise with us through claims of "50,000 visitors a week visit this site" unlike some of the larger holiday rental websites on the internet today. Even if such claims were true, the majority of these sites host property from all over the world, some with over 120,000 properties on them. Even if these claims were true, It certainly doesn't mean 50,000 visitors are looking at your property (it's less than half a visitor per property). What it does mean though is that your property then just becomes 'one of many' lost among a multitude of other holiday rental properties. The advantages and disadvantages of listing on such sites are:


  • The main site achieves a good page result for general holiday rental searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN.


  • Majority of sites like this rely solely on the internet returning a good (top placement) search result. (Remember the 2% above)
  • They operate on a wider geographical location with no dedication to a specific area.
  • Can be more expensive as they perceive themselves to dominate the market.
  • Little effort put into other advertising means.
  • Lots more properties to sidetrack viewers from looking at yours - More Competition.
  • You pay your fee and hope for the best while they line the pockets of their shareholders.

Growing Together
CIPS Ltd believe that growing together with our customers is the only way forward...
Not relying on the internet alone to maximise rental property potential, CIPS Ltd will use 50% of the fee paid by you (the advertiser) from all 12 month listings, to advertise our business, websites, and ultimately your property through various other means. This equates to £40 from every 12 month listing fee (currently £80) going into promoting your property further still. This could be Radio, National newspapers, magazine publications, TV, promotional campaigns, partners and agents plus many other advertising methods.

Going back to the table above, with over three quarters of the UK population still not using the internet to search for goods or services, we like to think, that we are at least covering other options and not placing reliance on internet search results alone and even though £40 may not sound like a lot of money and may not even provide an ad in a National newspaper the size of a stamp, collectively it can go a long way! Essentially the alternative advertising methods used will be to inform the holiday maker about our sites and your property, which will still require internet access. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide a free periodical magazine, widely distributed throughout the UK, showcasing properties.

Setting the precedence
Here at CIPS Ltd we like to be different... We like to set the precedence when it comes to new and alternative ways of advertising rental property.
Unlike other holiday rental companies we don't just take your money and run, while you sit there hoping someone will come across your property when browsing the internet. We actively use half of all 12 month listing fees (£40) and Pool this together with the fees from all other users advertising properties on our sites. This gives us the leverage needed to reach the section of the population who seldomly or don't use the internet by, using alternative advertising methods. Have a look around the holiday rental websites on the internet... You won't find many other companies putting nearly half your listing fee back into advertising your property!

Apart from using part of your listing fee to fund alternative methods of advertising, CIPS Ltd offer most things other holiday rental websites do too, but also with a difference. Rather than having a single website with masses of property listings from all over the world. We prefer to concentrate, focus and dedicate all our efforts on one particular region... The Canary Islands!

Although CIPS Ltd do run and operate a single site showcasing all properties from across all the 7 Canary Islands (, we believe in offering viewers to our sites a little bit more. At CIPS Ltd we understand the needs of the viewer and also realise that not everyone is the same. 

Having researched into the habits of a broad spectrum of internet users, a varying degree of what viewers wanted to see (when landing on a webpage) was found. What stood out from the research results were the use of certain key words: Relevance, Choice, Clutter, NavigationEase of Use. The general consensus from the results showed that the most annoying web pages were those containing too many options (clutter) or information overload and those that did not return relevant results from the search criteria entered.

While taking into account the results above and at the same time wanting to offer the viewer much more, CIPS Ltd have done their utmost to offer individual viewers to our sites what they want. By understanding what the viewer wants to see enables us to provide a better service to users listing property with us.

Holiday Makers
Holidmakers looking for accommodation in the Canary Islands, be it for the first time or returning there can be categorised into 5 groups.

  1. Those wanting to holiday in the Canaries but unsure of which island to go to.
  2. Those who have been to the Canaries before but would like to try somewhere different.
  3. Those who prefer a certain island but unsure which town to stay in.
  4. Those who prefer a certain island but would like to try a different resort.
  5. Those who prefer to return to the same town or resort on the same island.

To take account of the needs of the 5 groups above CIPS Ltd have developed several different websites.

Listing a property with CIPS Ltd will include it on all relevant sites, for example a property located in the town of Corralejo would be listed on: - - 3 for the price of 1. For more details of which sites your rental property could be listed on see - Multiple sites.

With 3 months free to all users, multiple advertising methods, massive discounts for multiple properties and other super incentive schemes, CIPS Ltd like to think that we are...


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