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Canary Island Property Services Group (CIPS Ltd) aim to offer an unrivalled service to any owner or agent of rental property on these beautiful North Atlantic, Spanish Islands.

Listing a rental property with us through any of our network of Internet web sites can gain property owners a great advantage over listing on other single or multiple web sites.

Owning a rental property ourselves in the Canary Islands we understand what an inconvenience it can be trying to gain maximum exposure for the property. Paying several fees to different advertisers, having to deal with separate accounts, updating availability calendars or editing property details are just some of the hassles which may lead to problems (example).
Canary Islands Property Services can eliminate these problems by allowing you to control any amount of rental properties, on multiple web sites, all from one place.
Your rental property is showcased from a multitude of different angles by our diverse range of property advertising services, these can promote your rental property in many different ways to those searching for it or even to those just considering a holiday in the Canaries.

Our Service

CIPS Ltd offer a simple, easy to manage solution for all our holiday rental property owners regardless of your property type.

Submitting your property details just once, on any one of our web sites, can potentially have it listed on several other different web sites instantaneously, most of which will receive thousands of visitors a month through our targeted marketing strategies, ad campaigns and search engine listings. By listing your property with us it will receive several times the exposure it would normally receive placing it elsewhere on the internet and even more if you have your own website which you can link to from all our sites. When updating property information, images, description, prices, availability calendar whatever it may be, it is all done from one place (your admin panel), updating all other sites at the same time.

The Money pool
Each new customer receives 3 months advertising absolutely free, after which an annual fee of only £80 is payable. 50% of the annual fee (£40), is pooled together with 50% of all other rental advertisers annual fees to advertise and promote properties listed with us even further by alternative methods other than Internet web sites - terms & conditions apply.

Super discounts
Listing a 2nd property entitles you to a 50% discount each year while listing 3 or more properties, up to a maximum of 10, will entitle you to a 75% discount for each property. That's only £40 and £20 respectively to advertise a property for 12 months.

As we concentrate solely on property within the Canary Islands your property doesn't become just another holiday rental lost among thousands of other holiday rentals on a site showing property from all around the world. As we only showcase property from the Canary Islands there's less chance of a viewer being sidetracked to choosing a different holiday location. CIPS Ltd operate on a Town level, Individual Island level and the Canary Islands as a group level, so that your rental property is covered from every major angle. See here: Rental regions or use the left panel menu.

Site exposure
We operate over 15 holiday rental websites dedicated to the Canary Islands, each site is also accessible from over 75 other Canary Islands or property related websites that either partner or link to ours and this number is growing all the time. CIPS Ltd will also aim to advertise our holiday rental web sites at regular intervals using appropriate media channels.

With a 3 month 'Free Trial' to all new CIPS Ltd's clients, an unrivalled incentives package, super discounts for further properties, and 50% of your fee being put back into advertising your property even further, there really is nothing to lose. Advertising your property with us can take only minutes from any one of our sites.

Future Plans
Depending on our success, client agreement and a number of other factors, CIPS Ltd plan to produce a free periodical publication that will showcase properties from out internet sites and will be available from major news outlets from around the UK. This is to take account of the population who seldom use the internet and can be kept as a hard copy reference source of properties available across our websites.


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